In-depth analysis report of enameled wire industry for winding machine

Enameled wire is a major variety of winding wires which have conductive metal wire with the insulating layer. It produces electromagnetic effect in the form of winding and realizes the conversion of electric energy and magnetic energy, motion control and signal transmission. The wire consists of two parts, conductor and insulating layer.The bare wire is annealed and softened, and then made by painting and heating for many times. A variety of enameled wire's quality and features are different, but all have mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties.

    Enameled wire is the main raw materials of electrical machinery, electrical appliances and household appliances. Especially in the recent years, the electric power and household appliances industry are growing rapidly the application of which brings a broader potential field as well as a higher demand for enameled wires. Enameled wire product structure needs further adjustment along with the corresponding raw materials (copper, paint), paint packaging technology, process equipment and testing means, etc.which also need  development and research.

Enameled  wire classification

 International enameled wire companies can be categorized into large industrial groups supporters and enameled wire experts. The major five international manufacturers are: Alcatel, Essex, Phelps Dodge, Rea and Elektrisola Group.
The comparison and analysis of the global main enameled wire companies 

ctrical motors, transformers, household appliances, electric tools, automobiles, relays, electronic transformers, electro-acoustic devices etc. Because of the different features of  various industries, it has different requirements, the specific conditions are as follow:

Requirements for enameled wire in various industries


enameled wire type required



QZG,AIW,200-grade composite wire

Electric power, Traction,

Distribution Transformer

paper package wire, combination conductor, transposition conductor, acetal wire,

200-grade composite flat wire, large-scale round wire, film wrap wire, Nomex paper wire

Electric tools


200级复合线,g200 composite QZY

Electronic transformer


QZY,EIW,g200 composite wire

Micro-special motor


QZG,EIW,g200 composite wire

Electroacoustic device

PEW,UEW,g200 composite wire,ALW,CCAW,enameled flat


Control relay


Automobile and electric vehicle


QZG,EIW, self bonding wire,g200 composite wire

Home Appliance


 self bonding wire,litz wire,PEW,UEW

Fridge, AC

g200 composite wire,PEW,UEW

Microwave oven

g200 composite copper wire,

g200 composite aluminum  wire

Vacuum cleaner

EIW,g200 composite wire

Washing machine


   With the transfer of the world manufacturing center and the formation of China as the world manufacturing center, the global enameled wire market has gradually shifted to China. At the same time, benefiting from electrical,machinery home appliances and other technological progress industries, electronic information as the mainstay of high-tech industries and economic globalization and other factors, China's enameled wire industry keeps developing at a high speed. China's enameled wire production has become the largest scale in the world instead of the U.S.,Japan etc.